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The youth in question wasn't the kind of person anyone who knew him would call callous. In fact, he's my little brother (now happily married).He was just behaving as young bachelors did - and do - according to the courtship customs of our modern world.When our relative eventually staggered from his bed, my sister accosted him in the corridor and said crossly, "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" He replied with a sheepish smile, "I would, but I don't know her name."The worst thing, as my sister told me later, was that the girl, who seemed intelligent and sweet-natured, didn't seem to have a clue how lightly he took the situation.Once all the fair ladies had descended from their towers, there was little incentive for men to behave like courtly knights.Over the years women have increasingly embraced no-strings sex, first-date sex, one-night stands, multiple partners and crude sexual innuendo.

Her indignation was hilarious to behold, but it was only hilarious because it hadn’t happened to me. I’ve always admired sales staff who try to make a living out of cold calling.

St Mary's Catholic Church in Belfast city centre was an explosion of colourful outfits and white stretch limousines on Friday as children from the local travelling community gathered with their families for what is the most important day of their young lives.

Little Cara Joyce took two hours to have her hair and make-up done before making her First Holy Communion.

Rape Victims Must Notify Their Rapist Before Getting an Abortion in Arkansas com Jon Rodriguez and 12 others 14 Comments 2 Shares I Like Comment Share I would notify him with a loaded 45.

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