Howie day and britney spears dating

Earlier this month, during one of her shows in Las Vegas, Spears confirmed the split, telling her audience, via PEOPLE Magazine, "So I know you know my boyfriend cheated on me." Spears began dating Lucado in 2013, shortly after her engagement to manager Jason Trawick was called off. Seeing Spears go through such a public breakup is a bit shocking.Throughout their relationship, Spears and Lucado appeared together publicly, and he was also seen often at her Las Vegas residency shows. While most celebrities keep their relationship drama under wraps, Spears has been extremely open with her heartache -- even admitting to being cheated on.Prior to Spears' relationship with Lucado and Trawick, the pop star was married to backup dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she has two children. Perhaps opening up about the issue and allowing to do so on her own terms is the way Spears prefers it.

They made a huge impact on their fans even if they broke up ages ago.Not that we don't love JT, but you guys started wearing matching all-denim ensembles right quick.And you might still be together if you hadn't allegedly cheated on him with…As it is, he’s been on countless college campuses in the last four years.“Somewhere in the middle of high school,” Day says, “I was like 16 or so—a sophomore maybe—I kind of made the executive decision to pursue the music career.

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