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Coming from Florida, I did hosting work before I moved to L.A., and it’s a place I’ve been wanting to get back into for awhile.Played by American actress Arielle Kebbel, Charlene was dating shapeshifter Sam Merlotte until circumstances drove them apart.Deciding to give it another shot, they got back together in 2003, but while the two were thieves together throughout much of their relationship, she had only been using Sam to get money for her boyfriend Jon.

Unfortunately, his personal opinion held no sway in the outcome of the series, because Sutcliffe continued, "I know they’re not going to end up together, but Rory and Dean seem like a good couple." Please cue the breaking of every Team Dean member's heart.

She may very well end up with someone else entirely, given that the revival will comprise of four movie-length episodes, providing plenty of time for Rory to meet and fall in love with a new person.

Until the series returns (Netflix has yet to announce a release date), all we can do is wonder about Rory's romantic future—except for members of Team Dean.

“Not my nature to address gossip but hoping this last one goes away already.

Charlene was an old girlfriend of Sam Merlotte on the HBO original series True Blood.

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