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Now Ailes is gone, and some of his longtime associates are also on the way out.

"Longtime friends of Roger's dating back to the '70s are beginning to exit the building," a senior source said Wednesday.

Bill O'Reilly, the subject of multiple accusations of sexual harassment dating back years, was summarily dropped Wednesday by parent 21st Century Fox, amid mounting protests, an advertiser boycott of his staff unrest and new charges from other women.

Instead, Fox News announced, , he's an original Fox News star who signed on, along with the network, in October 1996, and became its public face with his combative style and partisan fervor.

It is clear from interviews with people inside Fox News that the network has been shaken to its core. He launched the channel in 1996 and ran it as a fiefdom, grooming an entire generation of hosts, reporters and producers who feel indebted to him. With Ailes deposed -- one veteran staffer compared it to the sudden death of a Middle Eastern strongman -- there is widespread uncertainty about the status of on- and off-air talent alike.

At the moment, the Fox News executive leadership team remains in place.

Just about every day brings new allegations about the behavior of ousted Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

Taken together, the claims -- which Ailes has denied -- portray an executive who abused his power by harassing female employees and paying confidants to dig up dirt on his opponents.

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