Roman dating

TV personalities Tami Roman (L) and Reggie Youngblood attend the premiere party for the third season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars hosted by WE tv at HYDE Sunset: Kitchen Cocktails on May 28, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.

(Getty), have been together since 2013, and their relationship has been thrust into the limelight more than once.

Roman dates were given by using references to three sacred days which fall at roughly the same time each month. The Nones (Nonae, "Non.") fall mostly on the 5th, but on the 7th in March, May, July, and October.

These days are the Kalends, the Nones, and the Ides. The Ides (Idus, "Id.") fall mostly on the 13th, but on the 15th in those months just mentioned.Youngblood is a former football player turned reality TV star, and has appeared on two reality shows to date.Youngblood is a former NFL prospect turned reality TV star.We have inserted your "another answer" into the game: now some questions have three possible answers! Years were given in one of two ways: either with reference to the year's consuls, or with reference to the year of the founding of the City. When the date to be given is one of these three sacred days (Kalends, Nones, Ides), the date is given as the day and month, both in the feminine ablative plural.

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