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If your spouse does not agree to the divorce, you must prove the grounds on which you claimed in your filing.Proof includes producing a witness to support your argument, or a written affidavit from the witness to present at the divorce hearing.

This is not the first occasion where your assistance has been critical to the prosecution of these violent criminal offenders.If you have arrived at the decision to end your marriage, you’ve likely already gone through a substantial amount of stress.Now that you are at the point where you are seeking divorce, you want to move forward as quickly and as painlessly as possible.In a covenant marriage, the requirements for a legal separation are more difficult than they are in a standard marriage.In addition to counseling from an "authorized" source (a licensed marital counselor or a priest, rabbi or minister), the petitioner must prove that his or her spouse has: "(a) committed adultery; (b) been convicted of a felony and has been sentenced to death or imprisonment; (c) has committed physical or sexual abuse of the spouse or one of the children of either spouse; (d) is addicted to alcohol for a period in excess of 1 year; (e) is endangering his or her life or (f) is committing "indignities" so as to render continued married life intolerable." Legal separation may be granted without any of the foregoing where the parties have lived separate and apart without reconciliation for a period of two years.

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