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It forms a fourth constituent in alloys, along with nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, bismuth, and some others in forming triads and pentads.

on the west bank of the Nile, southwest of Luxor, that was the original capitol of the Theban nome until the 11th Dynasty.

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) who came into prominence with the dynasties of the Middle and New Kingdoms.It may have been added to the original copper ore in the alloy since it improves the hardening qualities.It is used this way and in the names of many minerals, such as antimonial arsenic, copper, and nickel. antimonial CATEGORY: geology DEFINITION: A brittle metallic substance that has been used in the preparation of yellow pigments for enamel and porcelain painting.Create a customized batch processing report and access the data you need from a number of different sources that aren't available anywhere else, while garnering some of the best prices in the industry.Our tailored business solutions are capable of mining through billions of public records to help you locate the information you need quickly and efficiently.

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