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If a data connection uses integrated security (depending on data provider), the access to the data source is therefore performed as the affiliated Windows identity, which is impersonated to anonymous. Note: Do not give the IUSR account permissions to access your data source as this would be a severe security risk!

The BDLC has had impersonation handling implemented since version 6.

Also not sure why the Event Receivers were missing in the first place.

It could be because some “questionable” actions happened during the setup of the site, but it could as well be a bug in Share Point 2010 RTM or later.

Digging through the internal XML structures of the DOCX and also the Content Type Schema and Field XML, I couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.

Here are two such examples: When you update a list form that is tied to a list that contains an event receiver, the “Item Updating” event will be fired on the event receiver when you save the changes. When you restore a deleted item from the Recycle Bin, the event receiver on the list where the item is being restored will fire.

In this scenario, there may be properties that are null or you may want to treat restored items differently than newly created items.

As you design an Application solution in Share Point that involves the use of Share Point event receivers, you have to consider that event receivers can fire in situations that you may not anticipate.

Therefore, you need to code defensively as the object you are expecting to be available in the Event Receiver may be null. So, in our situation, we check for this condition and return immediately when it is true.

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