Validating text

When using Textbox questions, often times you'll want to validate the data your respondents enter.

It makes analyzing, reporting and then acting on your data easier when it all conforms to certain formatting.

As you initially create a Textbox question, you are given the option to choose from Number, Email, Percent and Date (either MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY) as the type of validation.

These choices will automatically apply answer formatting that can be adjusted from the Validation tab.

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If it's not of the proper data type, we'll discard it.

You can also apply formatting validation to a textbox question after the fact on the Validation tab.

If you select a numeric validation, you can choose to Force Whole/Positive Numbers and/or Allow Values Between a minimum and maximum range.(Optional) When using validation we recommend displaying an example format to your survey respondents.

The intval() function casts user input as an integer, and defaults to zero if the input was a non-numeric value.

We then check to see if the value ended up as zero.

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