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She says it happened so quickly that the complainant can't remember if she retaliated.'Amilia sustained swelling to her right temple, swelling and bruising to her right eye, a lump on her head, a small cut to the lip, a bruise on her elbow and a cut to her other elbow.'She has been suffering since the attack and says she is too scared to leave the house.'During the attack, her friend Laurelle who was in the passenger seat had to step out of the car and try to help her friend and in doing so received a blow to the stomach.'But in mitigation defence lawyer Robert Moussalli said: 'This is extremely out of character for this defendant.

Clearly none of what I say excuses this and Fatima knows that and deeply regrets everything that happened that day.'She says she was driving along with her six month-old child in the back when Miss Luby pulled out in front of her.

'Amilia had to slam on the brakes as not to go into her and as both cars stopped the defendant got out of her car.'As she approached Amilia she shouted: 'My f****** child is in the back of my car!

' She then opened Amilia's car door and grabbed the top of her head and dragged her out of the car.'She then punched Amilia to the head and face.

As their young children aged six months and a year watched, foul mouthed Festus jumped out of her vehicle shouting: 'My f****** child is in the back of my car.'She then stormed up to Miss Luby's blue BMW, dragged her out of the driver's seat then repeatedly punched her in the head.

A friend of Miss Luby's who was in the passenger seat tried to intervene but was punched in the stomach.

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Wish I was stuck up Michelle's arse right now, I have three days worth of cum stored all ready to unload inside her perfect rectum, would love to feel her anal walls squeezing my cock in readiness of me discharging my cargo deep inside her filthy shitbox!Toya Wright has finally made a public statement to Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s K. From what we’re told, Toya hasn’t made any public statements about the allegations until now. Michelle has made some strong allegations against her ex-boyfriend who is now Toya Wright’s husband, Memphitz. Michelle continues to stand by her story that Memphitz physically abused her and threatened to kill her son.Clayton was a 17-year veteran of the Orlando police force. Clayton touched off an intense manhunt that involved 100 officers.She was one of the 1st officers to respond to the Pulse nightclub mass shootings on June 12. Loyd later shot at — but missed — a sheriff’s deputy who pursued him to a nearby apartment complex.

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